ScoreBig is a new way to get tickets and it can save you up to 60% off your ticket price. There are two ways to use it, you can bid, which means you go through three easy steps: choose your seating area, name a ticket price (enter the price you’d like to pay and they’ll get you the best available seats for that amount), and then get an instant answer (find out instantly if tickets are yours. If your price isn’t accepted, you won’t be charged anything) or you can skip the bids and pay a fixed price and still save. They guarantee that your tickets will be cheaper than other major online ticket resellers.


I used ScoreBig for Dodger’s tickets and the process could not have been easier. I actually looked on ticketmaster and stubhub to se what the price could have been and for $20 less (per ticket), ScoreBig allowed me to literally…score big. I got great Dodger seats for $50 and it took less than ten minutes. I love how you know instantly if you bid was accepted. Plus, they kind of coach you on what is an acceptable bid to give. Needless to say, ScoreBig is now my go to ticket website and I have since purchased more Dodger tickets because the pricing was so good. Go to ScoreBig and you will score big…trust me!

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