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Storyteller’s LA

Chef Nick Brune of Eco Caters and Hillcrest’s Local Habit are joining musician Duo Del Sol for a special evening of great food with awesome music.

During the dinner musicians, Duo Del Sol, will perform 5 personal tracks to be paired with 5 courses of delicious organic cuisine. Snake Oil Cocktail Company will provide 5 speciality cocktails crafted specifically for each dish. Storytellers was created on the vision of bringing together music and food in a completely unique way that has never been done before. The artist and chef will explain their motivation behind each song and course in five different stages. Get your tickets here before they run out!

1. Rain
Chicken Liver Torchon with Beets, Apples, Arugula
Cocktail pairing: bourbon, pressed grapefruit, pomegranate molasses, black pepper reduction
2. Cualquiera
Inspirado en Buseca with Garbanzo, Cured Pork, Turnip, Basil Parsley Oil
Cocktail pairing: smashed carrot & celery, pressed lime, sassafras reduction (mocktails)
3. Never the same river twice
Fennel Roasted Salmon with Mustard, Capers, Chive, Brown Butter
Cocktail pairing: gin, elderflower-orange-ade, caraway reduction, magenta orach finish
4. Me Hace Bien
Polenta Poutine with White Shrimp, Clam Broth, Camembert
Cocktail pairing: bourbon, smashed red bell pepper, torn sage, agave-lemonade
5. Satoomba
Chaja with Whipped Cream
Cardamon, Fennel Seed, Peanuts
Cocktail pairing: vodka, star anise-vanilla ice cube
$50 (includes 5 courses and a CD); March 27, 8 pm; Farmers Market Test Kitchen, 1555 Vine St., 90028, Los Angeles




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