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Create Bold Blonde Brows by Kelley Baker

Blonde beauties are joing us brunettes with bold brows. Los Angeles brow and makeup expert, Kelley Baker of Kelley Baker Browsshares that “full, bold brows offer a more youthful appearance and frame the face to highlight the best features”.

How to Bold Blonde Brows by Kelley Baker:

1. First, clean up the brows with a wax, tweeze and trim! formula. It’s best to keep brows full and natural, maintaining the overall look.

2. Use a highlighter below the arch – this will create definition and instantly brighten up your eyes. I love to use my ‘Magic Stick’ highlighter pencil and ‘Highlighter Brush’ to smudge.

3. Then, take an ‘Angled Spooly Brush’ and brush the brow hairs upwards in order to control the hairs and see where you need filling.

4. Taking an angled brush and brow powder, begin to fill the brows and use an upwards motion to evenly distribute. This will help achieve the perfect shape!

5. As a final step, take a clear mascara and brush upwards through the brows. This will hold brow color in and keep your hairs in place, giving you fabulous brows all day long!

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