Starbars™ are gourmet raw superfood bars that were founded in 2010 by Ericka LaPresle-Freer. After trying the raw food diet herself, Ericka noticed visible results and that her energy increased immensely. Every Starbars™ recipe starts with a combo of raw, organic, whole food ingredients. From Brain Bars packed with peppermint and cacao, which stimulate brain function, to Detox Bars full of raw, organic ingredients. Starbars™ are the only organic clean food, fruit based bars that are RAW and free from fillers. Whether you are looking to rebuild your diet or seeking a natural energy boost, Starbars™ is the snack that is good for you, good for the planet and made to recharge, refuel and regenerate your body. Featured Starbars™: BEAUTY, BRAIN, DETOX, LIBIDO, and SKINNY.



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