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Little Moon Essentials

Little Moon Essentials started in the winter of 1994 when Laura Lamun needed a warming, ginger mineral bath to help with her chronic eczema. She developed “Letting Go” that did the trick. Being a studied Aromatherapist and Herbalist, she formulated a base with a combination of high mineral salts that was unique and unusual, adding organic ginger as the key herb for its therapeutic healing properties, and pure essential oils. She prepared a gallon jar of bulk salt for the local health food store, and by the next day the entire 10 pounds was gone. The dream company had begun, and with it the idea for a new kind of body medicine: easy-to-use products that would pamper and support full-body healing every time you use them. Nineteen years later, Little Moon Essentials is an international success, delivering 100% Natural Body Care through over 120 completely natural products for stress-relief, detox, passion, sports recovery, skin problems, and everything else the body needs! Their message is that “Nature has a remedy for everything, Little Moon just bottles it for you!”




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