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ZenBunni Biodynamic Chocolate

No, you did not fall down a rabbit hole. ZenBunni Biodynamic Chocolate (1629 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, 90291; 800.565.3950) really is a chocloate shop living in a hollowed-out tree. This tiny chocolate shop is now open in Venice. We’ve all needed chocolate at some pint. Now, get it from a tree trunk. Walk behind the Left House store and go under some vines, and you’ll find a hollow tree lit by turtle shell lanterns and hand-painted stars. Come on just go with it.

It has a small glass counter with seven flavors of individually wrapped chocolates, each the size of a domino, with flavors from chai to chili-spiked Mexican hot chocolate. If you scoff at those main stream flavors, just know they are experimenting with ants and deer placenta.




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