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Pellicola Pizzeria

Pellicola Pizzeria (421 West 8th St., Los Angeles, 90017), is a new pizza spot with a logo inspired by Fellini’s 1973 Italian comedy-drama, Armacord. Keeping with the theme, Pellicola will project black and white Italian movies. I mean, “Pellicola” translates to “film” in Italian so it all makes sense.

This pizza spot, opened by Cedd Moses’ (Cole’s The Varnish, Las Perlas) and consultant Giulio Adriani (Forcella) has an industrial aesthetic with exposed brick, the original penny tile floor, and an open kitchen with white subway tiles and wooden beams. As for the pies, expect Italian-style versions of New York pizza but not full on Neapolitan pies. So, someplace in the middle? Since we are in Los Angeles, expect locally sourced ingredients (of course). Soft open daily from 6 pm-3 am.




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