News from Petty Cash

Love Petty Cash? Here are some more reasons to love them even more:

Margarita Mondays
Petty Cash will be offering $6 Petty Cash Margaritas every Monday, all night long.  

Hora Feliz Menu (Monday – Friday, 5-6 pm)

Cheesy Churros $4
Chicharrones $3
Guacamole $6
Al Pastor Mini Nachos $6
Cauliflower Mini Nachos $5

Tecate 16oz Draft Beer $4
Agua Fresca Punch $4
Petty Cash Margarita $6
Gina Ale 2oz Shot Draft Beer $2
Sunday Lunch 
Starting 2/9 at Noon
Petty Cash will be open for lunch on Sundays with the regular menu, as well as two lunch specials which include Chef’s Huevos Rancheros and Huevos con Chorizo. 




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