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Think Tank Gallery

Think Tank Gallery (939 Maple Ave., Los Angeles, 90015) in the Fashion District Downtown has a pop-up coffee bar with unlimited coffee drinks during the exhibit by Avi Roth. His mediums of choice are coffee grinds and coffee by products (Coffeegraph), so the pop-up is fitting. Earlier this month Stumptown and Café Demitasse were behind the pop-up’s bar and this week Café Vita and Compelling & Rich take over with single-origin espressos, pour over coffee, and more creative takes like the Ghost Pepper Mocha (single-origin chocolate and the world’s spiciest pepper!), Ethiopian Caramel Macchiato (goat’s milk dulce de leche and Maldon sea salt), and a Pandan Lavendar Latte. If you purchase a coffee pass, you can swing by through December 21 for unlimited drinks. The 21-day pass is $25, a seven day pass is $10, and the whole list of coffee events is here. Wait, don’t forget…it’s about the art! Hours run 10 am-10 pm.




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