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Melissa Stone at Jonathan & George Salon

Melissa Stone has changed my mind about my own hair (after 30 years). I have stick straight hair, which is great day to day because it makes me a wash and go girl. But, when I want to glam it up, not so much. Melissa changed all that. She gave me a wavy, very Hollywood-now look that made my ombré stand out better than ever.

As I walked into Jonathan & George Salon ( 9320 Civic Center Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210; 310.275.2808), I was in awe. It was beautiful. From the crystal, white chandeliers over the receptionist desk and waiting area, to the silver beaded curtains that separated some of the stylist’s stations, the place oozed class and style. The people who work were warm and welcoming, as some times it can be intimidating walking into a new salon.

I met Melissa at a previous event for the Tangle Teazer and she asked me to come in to get my hair styled. I absolutely love sitting in her chair. She is fun, open, and beyond talented. I could have sat there all night, just chatting with her. Not to mention, how she has opened up my eyes to my hair possibilities. I left there feeling beautiful, upbeat, and with a new outlook on my (hair) life.




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