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Scopa Italian Roots

Scopa Italian Roots, (2905 Washington Blvd., Marina del Rey, 310.821.1100) is opening Thursday with high-ceilings, red brick, wood-slat benches, white tile, antique liquor crates, distressed mirrors, and a very long bar. So grab a spot in one of the tufted-leather booths, order up a Hawaiian white-ginger gin Negronis, and enjoy the view of the street through the glass front.

Scopa is from bar team Steve, Livigni and Pablo Moix (La Descarga, Harvard & Stone, and Pour Vous) and Top Chef alumni Antonia Lofaso is serving up Italian small plates including Veal Chop Milanese; Pork-Shank Pappardelle; Squash Blossoms with burrata; Oyster Crudo; Sicilian Tuna; and a Meat Ball Hero with stracciatella and arugula. For dessert, she has Itailian cookies, Zeppole, Cannolis, Ricotta Cheesecake, Chocolate Panna Cotta, and Spumoni. Full menu here.

As for the drinks, Sommelier Jesse Porter from Young Winos is behind, you guessed it, the wines and cocktails are by Moix. There are house cocktails and amaro cocktails. They also have craft beers and non-alcoholic drinks like Chinotto.

Open daily from 5 pm-2 am.




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