El Nosh Truck…Coming Soon!

Chefs Eric Greenspan and Roberto Trevino have combined forces to form the El Ñosh food truck, a match made in Latin-Jewish culinary heaven. If that doesn’t exist, it does now.

Ever wonder what Yucca Latkes or Kishka Mofongo Nuggets look like? Have no fear, the Ñoshers are here. The Yucca Latkes (yummy little latke balls with mango cream, $3.50) and Kishka Mofongo Nuggets, (made with corned beef and green mole, $5,) make the perfect bite-sized snack on the go. Also check out the Mole Brisket Burritito ($4.50) and Whitefish Tortita ($5). The El Nosh Truck will be hitting the streets soon!



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