Peru to Malaysia: Test Kitchen Menu

From October 1December 31, Zengo (395 Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica, CA 90401; 301.899.1000) at Santa Monica Place will be featuring their new Peru to Malaysia: Test Kitchen Menu by Chef Richard Sandoval. He combines the flavors of Peruvian and Malaysian cuisine to create unique small plates and specialty cocktails. A few menu items include:

Spicy Crab Potato “Sushi”
Avocado, Malay Curry, Crispy Corn Cancha & Soft Yukon Potato Cake 

Char Roasted Skate Wings
Ginger Chile Marinade, Crispy Lentil Rice Cake Sambal Butter Sauce & Charred Banana Leaf 

Toasted Coconut Profiterole
Toasted Coconut Ice Cream, Manjar Blanco & Chocolate Sauce

Pisco Elevation
Pisco, Elderflower Liqueur & Lychee 




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