Zo (334 S Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90013), the omakase only spot, has opened it’s second location (first one titled Sushi Zo) last Thursday at the Medallion apartments in Downtown Los Angeles.

Chef Keizo Seki is known for his small bites of fish and warm rice, which brings out the flavor of the colder fish. The clean, contemporary spot seats about 20 and 10 at the bar. No cut rolls available and once you sit down you are part of the 25+ course meal. Some signature dishes include oysters with ponzu and momiji oroshi (grated radish with chiles); maguro sashimi dabbed with wasabi; squid “noodles” with creamy sea urchin; hagatsuo (skipjack) nigiri; warm ankimo (monkfish liver) nigiri; and pompano with pickled shishito.

They are open for lunch Monday-Friday and dinner Monday-Saturday, but expect to drop $150 a head without alcohol.




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