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Lebrisa Designs

I was introduced to Lebrisa Designs at a RA MA Institute (yoga) event. I spotted an evil eye bracelet on my friend and needed to know where to immediately get one. I met the designer, Nasim Karina, and felt her positive, warm energy, which you can feel in her pieces.

I am obsessed with gold bracelets and the turquoise evil eye added a great pop of color and, being the superstitious girl I am, would ward off any evilness headed my way. I love how Lebrisa Designs’ pieces all represent positive things in life. There are beaded bracelets with peace symbols or Om symbols, feather earrings, evil eye rings, and necklaces with vintage stones. I also love the mix of dainty chains or metals with large stones and charms. Lebrisa Designs is jewelry made with love and positivity and you can feel that and pass it on when you are wearing what Nasim created.




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