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Donut Friend

Donut Friend (5107 York Blvd., Highland Park, CA 90065; 213.995.6191) is about to become your new best friend. With the new donut craze going on, this shop is where it’s at. They have a rotating menu full of flavors like the Dag Nutty (moist chocolate donut with chocolate icing and topped with toasted hazelnuts and peanuts); Chocolate From The Crypt (chocolate cake donut topped with chocolate glaze, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and chocolate shavings); Caramel on Parade (moist chocolate cake donut topped with caramel icing, toasted pecans, and chocolate sauce); Bacon 182 (Maple glaze and bacon pieces on top of our traditional donut); Cherry 3 (bismark filled with a tart cherry compote, lightly glazed and sprinkled with almonds); Coconut of Conformity (Coconut cream inside our bismark donut, topped with a vanilla bean glaze, toasted coconut, and a pinch of lime zest); and Drive Like Jelly (Peanut butter and strawberry jam inside our raised bismark donut, topped with a light glaze).

But, wait! You can’t find a donut that really speaks to you? Then, make your own! First, you pick the dough you want: gluten-free, traditional, cake or vegan. Then, a filling like cheeses, fresh fruit, home-made creams,ice cream or Nutella. Now, the glazes (Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Maple, Honey, Lemon, Strawberry) and more than 30 toppings to chose from. They have coconut, almonds, sprinkles, bacon, Szechuan spice, and balsamic reduction. So if a vegan, cheese filled, honey topped donut with rainbow sprinkles gets you going. Ride that wave!




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