Bob’s Espresso Bar

Anyone who was alive in the 80s remembers Fast Times at Ridgemont High. And anyone who remembers Fast Times at Ridgemont High remembers Mike Damone, the suave ticket-scalper who fancied himself a ladies’ man. Wonder what the actor who played Mike Damone is doing today?

That actor’s name is Robert (Bob) Romanus and he just opened Bob’s Espresso Bar in the NoHo Arts District. The business is a product of his love for coffee and his desire to have a venue that nurtures artists; the menu is simple with an emphasis on crafting the highest quality coffee drinks, and Bob plans to host musical talent, spoken word artists, and display works from local artists. Romanus is a musician himself – he’s one half of the musical duo Poppa’s Kitchen and you’ll be able to find them performing at Bob’s Espresso Bar on the second Saturday of every month at 8 pm. (free cover).

Poppa’s Kitchen will also be hosting a “Poppa’s Kitchen & Friends” Jam Session the first Tuesday of every month (Also at 8 pm and free cover).




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