Allumette_coming_January_2013Allumette (1320 Echo Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90026, 213.935.8787), meaning “matchstick” in French, formerly known as Allston Yacht Club in Echo Park, is a new restaurant cheffed by Miles Thompson (Vagrancy Project, Son of a Gun) and is set to feature create-your-own tasting menus from 10-15 dishes. Be prepared to order up rabbit with hazelnut tortellini; grilled octopus with sour apple syrup; fried oysters with kimchi ranch dressing; Szechuan pork dumplings; ravioli filled with liquefied blood pudding and steaming pork shoulder, paired with cocktails created by Serena Herrick, Harvard & Stone alum.

As for drinks, there is a lot of whiskey and even more bitters. The Last Ango has an entire ounce of Angostura. Or, opt for the mahogany and whiskey, while you relax in the masculine, understated, cozy ambiance thats decorated with dark teak wood and red & brown accents.

Opens Thursday!




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