Superba Snack Bar

Superba Snack Bar (533 Rose Ave., Venice) is a communal gathering spot featuring handmade pastas, charcuterie and a changing selection of produce. The open-air, relaxed, modern space has an open kitchen, bar seating, smaller tables, central communal tables and a wide indoor/outdoor bench which links the interior to the street-side patio. Using brass bushings, aqua pool tiles, poncho blankets from the Venice Boardwalk, camping lanterns, the restaurant shows the overlap of personalities and styles found in the Venice.

As for food, get ready for a whimsical approach to pasta. They plan on smoking, spiking, infusing and twisting a variety of different shapes. Plus, you can pair their pasta selections with their snacks. The dinner menu is broken up into four sections, and includes “Salumi & Charcuterie”like Julia’s Chicken Liver Mousse with Balsamic Cherries, and Campagnola Terrine with Black Garlic and Celery Salad, and “Snacks” like Braised Octopus, White Romesco, Opal Mustard and Shaved Fennel. The “From Our Backyards” section has dishes like Eclectic Acres Greens with Superba Ricotta, Blossoms, and Picked Jalapeño Dressing and “From Our Hands” has a selection of housemade pastas with house-cured meats and vegetables from local farmers’ markets, including Agnolotti with Smoked Pine Nuts, Pig Cheeks, Five-Spice, and Amaro; Garganelli with Lamb Bolognese, Black Garlic, and more. The lunch menu also the previous categories plus a “From Our Hands to Yours” category with an assortment of sandwiches, like the Snack Bar Burger with Tallegio, Picked Garlic Aioli, Dill Pickle and Butter Lettuce on a Bao Bun. There’s also the Pork Belly Cubano with Smoked Ham, Mustard and Mayo on Ciabatta.

For brunch, the “Eggs” menu highlights a variety of dishes with new twists. There’s Scrambled with Asparagus, Chives, Crab Meat, and Crema Fresca; Poached with Spanish Ham, Brown Butter Béarnaise, and a Biscuit; and Sunny Side Up with Roasted Potatoes, Duck Pastrami, Maple Glazed Figs, and Caramelized Onions. “More Than Just Eggs” includes a Bialy with Salmon Pastrami, Scallions, and Caviar Cream Cheese, as well as Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Smoked Maple Syrup and Pink Pepper Whipped Cream.

Superba Snack Bar’s wine and beer includes a selection of independent California labels (10 red/10 white) and SoCa beers. Superba Snack Bar will also serve a selection of beer and wine cocktails, including Beer Sangria made with Belgian White, Prosecco, Chardonnay, and Apricot Juice.




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