Tatsu Ramen


Tatsu Ramen (2123 Sawtelle Blvd., Los Angeles, 90025; 310.684.2889) is a little Sawtelle ramen spot. How is it different than the handful of other Sawtelle ramen spots you may ask. They have iPad ordering, which is pretty popular in Japan. Simply, walk in and use the three iPads on the wall by the entrance. Above is a series of photos that illustrate the ordering process.

First select from either Tonkotsu Ramen (noodles in a pork bone broth that take hours of simmering) or Naked Ramen (meat-free), then customize with add-ins like chicken ($2), pork ($2), tofu ($1), seasoned soft boiled egg ($), extra noodles, sweet corn, dried seaweed, or fresh garlic cloves (free), select a beverage (soda, water, green tea, beer, sake) and then pay for it all with the swipe of a credit card. Grab a seat when they are open to the public on May 23.




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