Main Squeeze

Main Squeeze (2727 Main St., Santa Monica; 310.399.9914) is open in Santa Monica and serving up shots like Rise & Shine (ginger, spirulina, ekatbero, cayenne pepper, lemon) and Coffee Kicker (coconut milk, reishi, fo-ti, spirulina,  agave, cocoa). Smoothies  come in flavors like Vanilla Birthday (almond milk, almond butter, banana, flax meal, protein of choice, maca, pecans, walnuts, maple syrup), Rainbow Connection (apple juice, kale, celery, spinach, banana, turmeric, spirulina, pineapple, parsley, cucumber, sea salt) or create your own. Juices come in Spring Sweet (pear, grapes, green apple, celery, lemon, ginger) and Hang Over No More (young thai coconut water, spirulina, Coq10). So you can start off your day with some healthy goodness!




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