Blossom (4019 W Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, 90029; 323.953.8345) is a casual, little Vietnamese restaurant now open on Sunset.

Grab a spot in one of their black leather banquette and order up appetizers like Bò Cuon (grilled beef spring rolls) or Bành Tom Co Ngu (shrimp fritters with fried sweet potatoes). They also have Vietnamese crepes with shrimp, pork, jicama, bean sprouts or get the vegetarian version. Then order up some of their rice dishes like Com Bo Lac (Wok tossed filet mignon), Com Ga Ro Ti (Fried roasted cornish hen with pan fried egg) and curry (shrimp, beef, chicken or vegetarian). Their Pho comes in flavors like rare steak, beef balls, chicken, shrimp or vegetarian too!

As for drinks, they have an array of Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese beers. Try them all, but make sure to scarf down some noodles after.




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