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Plan Check

Plan Check (1800 Sawtelle Blvd., West LA; 310.288.6500) is an upscale industrial gastrobistro from a former real estate developer and it’s opening tomorrow. There are two long communal tables, a hall of concrete, Edison bulbs and candleholders and a large patio. Simple.

For food, they have a creative take on American classics, like a Southern Fry Sandwich (fried chicken, duck breast ham, green pimento cheese), duck breast ham & pickles, pot roast served with bone-marrow turnover pie, The Blueprint burger topped with smoked blue cheese, “pig candy”, fried onions, steak sauce, and peppercorn or try the Plan Check Burger (Akaushi Red Wagyu beef, American cheese, ketchup leather).

Cocktails include the High & Low (rum, sherry, Cointreau, grenadine), Godzilla (Pisco, Midori, orgeat, lemon, lime) and Little Osaka Sours (with bourbon and plum wine).




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