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Blue Cow

Blue Cow (350 S Grand, Downtown; 213.621.2249) is the first full-service spot from the people behind Mendocino Farms (great sandwich/salad spot) and they are opening Thursday. Decorated with wood-slatted walls, whisk lighting fixtures, a large patio, cozy circular booths and a plastic, blue cow (of course) they are serving up house-ground lamb merguez sando (with harissa, creme fraiche, roasted peppers, and mint on a buttermilk roll), Pink Eggs and Ham (beet-marinated deviled eggs with bacon), a half-pound burger on a buttermilk bun, a bacon confit burger topped with tarragon aioli ‘n caramelized onion marmalade and a fried egg, honey-cured ham madame, which comes on a grilled tartine and slathered in Cuban mojo sauce.

Since their history is with sandwiches, get ready for a weekly featured chef to come in and have their take on what to put between bread. And, in a rush? hit the to go counter in the back!

As for drinks, try an Old Fashioned with pecan-infused whiskey, lemonade made with Hangar One and bee pollen, the Winter Apple Flip, with walnut liqueur and Applejack brandy and a Cherry Ricky Soda, made with vodka and lambic raspberry beer.




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