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Shelter Half

Shelter Half  ( 161 S La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, 90036; 323.936.0225) is a new marketplace concept dedicated to made-in-America brands created by the Environment Furniture executives Davide Berruto and Camilla Trigano. The temporary marketplace in the new La Brea design district, is founded on the principles of conscious commerce, collaboration, and American-made products.

Shelter Half was named after two symbols of collective action: the shelter canvases soldiers team up to make into a tent and the famous Tacoma coffeehouse, founded in 1968, where civilians and soldiers came together over cheap dinners and lively conversation. In this spirit, Shelter Half is a place for both shopping and lounging, the pop-up space has a coffee corner and hosts public events like movie & music nights, cooking showcases, roundtables and more.

Shelter Half features a curated collection of brands, artists and craftsmen, with products range from fashion to photography and ceramics to books. The inspired selection of participants will interact with the space in their own creative ways.

Shelter Half’s roster of curated participants will continue to expand, but currently includes Arcana, ChocoVico, Commune Design, Environment, Ghostly, Graypants, Handsome Coffee, Kalon Studios, M+B, MCMC Fragrances, Nicholas Maggio, Noah Lambert, Palm Pictures, Paper Chase, The Playlist Generation, Peter Tunney, RTH, Save Khaki, Saving The Season, Tipton & Co., and West Third Brand.

I was lucky enough to visit this great space last week. I was immediately surrounded by a sense of cummunity, friendship and relaxation. I lounged on one of the incredible comfy couches and took in the ambiance. It’s very NYC meets LA and has items you can’t find anywhere else. I highly recommed you take some time to snuggle up on a couch, grab a book, and relax. (or shop and support your country’s artists).

Open daily 11 am-7 pm Through February 28, 2012




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