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Ever head down to Torrance for Asian food? Hollywood’s got nothing on this area. Everywhere you turn there is another restaurant popping up you’ve got to try. I was lucky enough to try three in one night. We started off at Gyu-Kaku Torrance, which not only has one of the best happy hours I have ever seen ($.99 drafts all day Monday), but has the best Japanese BBQ I have ever tasted. Each table is equipped with its own open grill where we cooked up beef, shrimp, butterfish (my fav) and tuna. I love hands on cooking, and this was great. Little hint: great for dates, the cooking makes it so there is something to focus on and no awkward silences. Plus, the grill keeps you warm, and the food melts in your mouth.

Next, we went to a hole in the wall, Ramen Yamadaya, for, you guessed it, Ramen. They specialize in the classic tonkotsu (pork bone broth) formula. I had Kakuni ramen which meant they put in a slab of steamed pork belly (that poked out of both sides of the bowl) and thick, chewy noodles. I tried not to finish it because it was only our second spot, but it was too good to pass up. This spot could give any LA place a run for its money and it was housed next to a dive bar in a strip mall with about 6 tables.

Our last spot, is to remain a secret, and can only be found through, but it was an old school sushi spot. Don’t expect your typical maki rolls here, its all about the sushi and sashimi. With only a counter and two tables, this place serves up the freshest sushi I have ever had from a little man who you can tell loves what he does. The fatty tuna and salmon were out of this world. Definitely a good, quiet date spot to be alone and eat some of the best sushi LA has to offer.




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