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Vosges Haut Chocolat

I recently attended the grand opening party for Vosges Haut Chocolat (311 N. Beverly Blvd., Beverly Hills; 888.301.9866). As I stepped into the store it was like Morocco and a scientist of chocolate and spices came joined forces. There were glass vials to my right of spices that can be found in the numerous chocolate concoctions. I made my way to the back where I joined a line without a clue where it ended. I was extremely happy when it ended with chocolate stout beer topped with a carmalized chocolate covered marshmallow. Happiness.

I was then whisked away in a heaven of champagne and chocolate. I tried covered tortilla chips, which were my fav. They were chocolatey, salty and slighty spicy. Through out the night I tried bite sized truffles in flavors like white chocolate nutmeg & ginger (I heard one person describe it as Christmas in your mouth), Absinthe, Naga (Sweet Indian curry, coconut), Black Pearl (Ginger, wasabi, black sesame seeds) and Viola (candied violet flower)…just to name a few. There was also chocolate churrizo, chocolate crackers with cheese and honey, and saffron and rose petal sugar cookies that melted in your mouth.

Katrina, the owner, truely loves what she does. From the creations she comes up with, to the exotic spices she has around the store for shoppers to have the full expierence of what she does. It’s an amazing thing to enjoy a chocolate where there is so much love put into it.




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