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Malibu and Vine

Getting lost in the hills of Malibu (on purpose) is a perfect way to spend your Saturday or Sunday. Last Sunday I went to check out Malibu and Vine on a rainy, chilly day. It was perfect. Not only did they strike up the heaters so we could still enjoy the beautiful outdoor patio, but the foliage and the mountains were breath taking in that weather.

Aside from the amazing scenery, we learned about and tasted delicious wines. They have two labels, Semler and Saddlerock, ranging in reds and whites, many with fruity under tones. After you decide which one is your favorite, grab a bottle and head inside for a small plates feast (or after 5 pm they serve full dinners). I highly recommend starting with the artisan cheese & meat plate. It works perfectly with the wine and then you’re ready to dig in with dishes like Mac & Cheese with Novy Ranch Beef Short Ribs, Duck Confit Tacos, Sweet Potato fries (with dipping sauces), and 7 & 7 Chili (seven chili peppers and 7 beans, medium heat).

Overall, you will feel light years away from LA hustle and bustle with an afternoon relaxing in the sun or cuddling up in the rain. It’s a perfect weekend “getaway.”

901 Encinal Canyon Road, Malibu, CA 90265,




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