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Larry’s, (24 Windward Ave, Venice, CA 90291; 310.399.2700) Larry Bell, a pioneer of Cali Minimalism, is known for his mirrored and translucent glass/plexiglass cubes of the 60s. The Sokols, longtime family friends of Bell’s, created the restaurant to honor the influence that he had on the Venice art community. When designing the restaurant, the Sokols used elements of Mr. Bell’s art work, creating the space almost as a literal translation of the artists’ sculptures. You can see these in the retractable glass wall connecting the inside bar area with the outdoor dining patio that is enclosed by glass walls and has a mosaic tile fireplace. Hanging inside is a permanent exhibition of some of Bell’s works, and hats from his personal collection are on display above the restaurant’s 26 beer taps. Additionally, the restaurant has an “Art Wall”, underneath the neon sign of Bell’s self-portrait, created by local Highland Park-based neon artist Kunio Ohashi. This fall, to celebrate the city-wide Pacific Standard Time event, Larry’s is showcasing a video installation created by Larry Bell’s son, Oliver, paying tribute to Bell’s life and his role in cultivating the Venice art community. Larry’s is running the footage most evenings, including each Tuesday and during the Venice Beach Artwalk (first Friday of every month). Regular and visiting guests have quickly embraced the video, which Oliver created from over 15 hours of video footage of his father since he himself was a baby.the recently opened restaurant in Venice from owners Mark and Erwin Sokol of the Hotel Erwin, and Executive Chef Brendan Collins and Director of Operations Carolos Tomazos of Waterloo and City celebrates both the restaurants’ namesake, artist Larry Bell, and the local Venice Beach artist community through its concept and design.




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