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Ok, we get it, the Coronavirus has thrown a wrench in your daily routine. It’s frustrating and our stress levels are through the roof, but we have to remember, there are certain things that are out of our hands. We can’t control the current pandemic, weather or how other people feel, but, you have the power to control your stress, emotions and waist line. By moving your body and getting the blood flowing, it gives you an outlet to blow off steam, and remain on track with your fitness goals. Just because you can’t make it to the gym, doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. As we live in a digital age, with online platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Zoom, we have access to thousands of FREE classes at our fingertips. I have compiled a list of some of my favorites. Get ready to sweat, burn calories, build muscle, and get your #summerbody back on track!


Insanity Max 30 – As the name says, this 30 minute HIIT workout is absolutely insane. A friend of mine who was in the military for several years said Insanity was harder than his basic training. Buckle up as Shaun T takes you on a fitness ride that will mold your #summerbody in no time! Beachbody on Demand will let you do 14 days FREE!

Tae Bo – Yes you read that correctly. The popular low impact workout from the early 2000’s has made a comeback on YouTube with both old and new videos. The Tae Bo channel has a massive catalog, including the all new quarantine series – In the Living Room with Billy Blanks and my personal favorite, the 45 minute Bootcamp.

30 Minute HIIT – This 30 minute HIIT routine from SELF Magazine features 3 rounds with moves catered to blast as much fat as possible. The instructor is bubbly and charismatic which is great motivation to keep you moving throughout the workout. SELF’s YouTube channel is filled with other workouts and wellness interviews with some of your favorite celebrities.


Y7 – This hot yoga class, normally taught in candlelight and accompanied by hip hop, assures you will “flow hard.” Go to their Instagram page and follow them for scheduling announcements for their live classes. If their schedule doesn’t fit your’s its OK. Watch other classes from recent days on their Instagram TV channel. To replicate the feel of being in their studio, turn off the light, light a candle and bump up your heat. The Y7 teachers and music will do the rest. Wednesday’s class is music from Drake!

Midtown Yoga – Their “mission is to inspire, challenge, and celebrate the perfectly imperfect you,” through hot yoga. Midtown Yoga encourages practicing at home because it “provides a sense of freedom and vulnerability. You are able to move freely, listen to whatever song is on, close your eyes, move to the beat, and just feel.” Turning on your heat is optional.

30 Minute Cardio Yoga – I love this yoga routine because it’s the perfect blend of yoga and cardio. Get ready to build some heat and sweat as you flow through a HIIT- style vinyasa designed to burn fat, tone muscle and relax your mind.

Strength Training

Barre Workout – This barre workout was designed to do at home. Grab a chair and some small weights or water bottles and you are ready to burn and tone. For 30 minutes your entire body will shake as you do this ballet-inspired strength training workout.

Glute and Thigh Workout – Sir-Mix-a-Lot told us years ago that big butts were in and he was right. This booty routine is great for lifting and shaping your butt and thighs. This 5 minute video can be done once or 2-3 times to give you a great lower body workout. Pretty soon, you will be rivaling, Beyoncé , Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian!

30 Minute Strength Training (With or Without) Dumbbells – No dumbbells, don’t worry, this workout can be done with or without weights. This workout from fitness leader Popsugar Fitness incorporates lunges, squats, push ups and more and will leave you drenched. Check out their page for a full list of their workouts.


Blogilates – We all want a flat tummy and YouTube fitness entrepreneur Cassie Ho, has created the perfect collection of ab videos to make your dreams come true. My personal favorite is the lower ab flattener. My abs are throbbing thinking about it. Check out the full Blogilates site for all of Cassie’s videos.

Pilates Bridal Bootcamp Waist Cincher – This 5 minute ab video from The Pilates Fix may not be the longest, but let me tell you, your entire core will feel it. Each move is designed to elongate your torso and lean out your abs. Yes please!

Uptown AbsUptown Funk isn’t just a popular Bruno Mars song, but it also inspired a crazy, hard ab challenge. Just try to keep up with this gymnastics club as they do this killer core workout.




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