Burke Williams Day Spa’s New Location in West Hollywood

Burke Williams Day Spa (925 N. La Brea Ave.) has opened up its newest location on the WeHo/Hollywood border and I was lucky enough to enjoy a relaxing day at their new facility. Their new location is huge, sleek in design, and has new innovative spa concepts and treatments not previously available in the former location.

With an additional 3,000 square feet of space, their new innovations include the Custom Blend Alchemy Bar with personalized aromatherapy consultations, the Nail Care Salon with Steam Pedicure services, Style Blow Dry Bar and the Conservatory Lounge for you to relax and enjoy mini massage services while waiting for your scheduled treatments. The new spa is the only place you will need for relaxation and beauty. Visit the spa early in the day to enjoy the sauna, steam room, and Jacuzzi before your treatment. After your treatment, have your hair and nails done before heading out to enjoy the rest of your day. Parking is also complimentary!


When I went to the spa, I had a treatment unlike anything I had ever had (and I go to the spa pretty frequently for hoopLA). I had the Shirodhara treatment, which falls under the Ayurvedic Treatments. Ayurvedic medicine has been around for over 5000 years and in Ayurveda, health is defined as the balance between mind, body, and environment. By using traditional herbal blends and warm aroma therapeutic essential oils, the Ayurvedic body treatments provide the ultimate in relaxation and restoration. It calms your mind, provides balance, and creates a sense of bliss and contentment.


Partnering with Shankara, Burke Williams uses the finest and purest Ayurvedic aroma therapeutic essential oils in the world in their treatments. Made only in India, these oils are 100% organic, paraben, alcohol and chemical free. Before my treatment, I was given three scents to choose for my oil, and I decided to go with the middle one, so it wasn’t too strong or too light. The treatment was consisted of a full body massage that uses minimal covering (so don’t be shy) with lots of oil that makes it an incredible, soothing experience. After your massage, you are left for five minutes to meditate, which I loved because many times you are relaxed and you then have to hop off the table and go. The Shirodhara treatment allows you to deeply relax and take some time for yourself. After my masseuse took hot oil and poured it over my forehead in a back and forth motion (for about five minutes) while letting it drip into my hair. It was a full body experience unlike any other treatment I have ever received. I highly recommend spending a day at Burke Williams and having the Shirodhara treatment. You will walk out feeling like a new human.




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