Club Pilates’ New Do


I had back surgery about two and a half years ago and when I was cleared to work out my physical therapist (Tyler), said “Pilates, Pilates, Pilates. I can’t stress it enough.” I signed up at Club Pilates the next day and became a Pilates nut, going at least twice a week. Living in West Hollywood, I loved that I could walk to their La Brea location. I have since moved to Marina del Rey, but Club Pilates was the perfect workout to strengthen your core, legs, and arms without straining your back.


When I heard that Club Pilates had redone their look, I had to check them out and join in a class. I walked into a studio that was dimly lit by beautiful pastel images placed over the lights and the AC pumping (Thank goodness, because I sweat). The atmosphere was relaxing and really allowed me to focus on my breathing while beginning with our leg work. The workout is constantly keeping your body guessing by working one area of your body and then another (and maybe going back to a previous one), with stretching in between. The instructor (Kate) is positive, encouraging, and patient with explaining each move. There is no intimidation when asking questions or if you are unsure about the equipment or whether your are moving properly.

Club Pilates is great for any level and anyone interested in seeing what Pilates has to offer. It’s my number one choice in workouts because it keeps your spine aligned, while strengthening and lengthening your muscles. It is the only workout where I have seen the results and it keeps me going back week after week.

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