Essential (for your skin)


Essential is a natural skin care made from the highest quality ingredients at affordable prices. They source global ingredients while formulating and manufacturing their organic beauty & wellness products right here in California. Much like the food we eat and the coffee with drink, their product development begins with the relationships with their suppliers. The remote farms they work with are generations old and have been perfecting their craft for centuries.

We all worry about side effects and harsh reactions (myself included) to new skincare. Essential’s full product line is made with the most gentle oils and ingredients, while promising the exclusion of allergens and irritants.

I tried Essential’s repair and smooth and loved the light, soft texture on my skin. Smooth is a youthful glow hydrating formula that creates a brighter appearance, diminishes the appearance of aging skin, hydrates, and shields skin from further damage. Repair is a youthful renew night treatment that aids in reducing wrinkles, prevents aging, hydrates and firms skin. Together, you can keep your skin smooth, youthful, and hydrated. Plus, the lavender smell is delicate and relaxing. They even tell you to take a few deep breaths through your nose while cupping the remaining oil in your hands. I loved that it was a physical, mental, and emotional experience. In addition to improving my skin, it gave me a moment to relax, reduce any stresses, and most importantly it gave me a moment to myself (and to my skin).

Find them on Amazon here.

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