Six Sibling-Inspired Gifts Perfect for Spoiling Mom

Let the beauty of brother-sisterly love and their creations inspire your Mother’s Day gift this Sunday.

This Mother’s Day we’re paying tribute to the mothers responsible for bringing these clever visionaries into the world, for their creations are all made possible through the bond they hold with their siblings.

There’s something really truly special about siblings that get genuinely along, but when they go one giant step further and create something beyond that, we can’t help but mentally bow down to their mothers, whose hearts must be bursting with pride at their children’s accomplishments.

In honor of the mothers who raised them, here are six delightful gift ideas for you to spoil your own mama with on May 8th.

Thistle & Rose wine

Make Her Blush with Chilled Thistle & Rose
Spring has well and truly sprung and rosé is the tipple of choice on a warm evening. Brother and sister winemakers, Blake and Laura Bachman, have launched one of the most palatable rosé wines on the market. With notes of wild strawberry, watermelon and rose petal, their Napa-grown Thistle & Rose rosé pairs perfectly with any meal on any occasion. Choose from either the 2015 or 2014 rose, or spoil her rotten with the 2013 Blanc de Noirs. Prices start at $35 a bottle and you can order online. Follow Blake and Laura @rosethistlewine

BeBella probiotic skincare line

Forward Thinking Skin Solutions, Inside & Out by Bebe & Bella
Two sisters were hanging out at their father’s pharmaceutical laboratory one day when they came upon a truly groundbreaking realization. As their father was making his popular probiotic, the sisters noticed a powerful byproduct that he seemingly had no use for. Fast forward three years and Allison and Linda Krebs have developed an innovative line of probiotic-blended skincare line, BeBella. Their advanced probiotic range is a combination of oral and topical anti-aging products that encourages faster cell turnover and literally reverses photo-damage to the skin, all while regulating the digestion system! Show mom that beauty really does start from the inside out and gift her with the Bebe & Bella Hydrating Night Cream, Facial Essence and one of their two oral collagen brightening supplements, which work great for skin, hair and regulate digestion. Order online. Follow Allison and Linda @bebeandbella

All your parenting answers are written in the stars, say the Astro Twins in their book, MomstrologyJPG

Mystical Parenting Solutions make the Future Bright
Treat mom to something a little mystical this weekend with a one-on-one reading from the Astro Twins. Sisters Ophira Edut and Tali Edut have been answering some of life’s biggest questions with their mutual astrological expertise and novel take on how to clear your life of unwanted clutter and move forward down the path you are truly destined to tread.

For new moms, their foolproof parenting guide Momstrology: The Guide to Parenting Your Little One by the Stars offers some of the most powerful life lessons a new mother could wish for. Guided by their child’s star sign, the Astro Twins’ book provides a complete guide to understanding how your little one’s horoscopes can play a big factor in relating to one another, tackling tantrums, triumphs and milestones. The book isn’t just for new moms either – it’s great for every age, at any stage!

Momstrology: The Guide to Parenting Your Little One by the Stars is priced at $25 and over-the-phone readings are $299 for 60-90 minutes. Follow Tali and Ophira @astrotwins

Stevie Sister Tara Kimono (front)

Timeless Florals by Stevie Sister
May she float through summer draped in romantic floral. Gift mom with a Tara Kimono from Stevie Sister, the vintage inspired clothing line from Newport Beach designer, Theresa Johnson. Family-orientated Theresa lovingly named her label after her brother, and says, “When life gets tough, family are the people we turn to help protect our silver lining. I feel so blessed in this life to have family and friends close enough to call family, and yes, a brother named Steve.” This gorgeous Tara Kimono in Champagne Shore is priced at $158.00 with free U.S shipping. Follow Theresa @steviesisterofficial

Wine-paired reading: American Wino by Dan Dunn

A Heartfelt, Hilarious Read About One Venice Local’s Bid to Say Goodbye to His Brother…with Wine.
The tragic loss of his brother Brian on the 4th of July inspired booze writer and former playboy columnist, Dan Dunn, to travel the length and breadth of America in a bid to seek out the best wine regions the United States have to offer. American Wino sees the Venice Beach local pour his heart, soul and dignity into this touching, yet hilarious account of his attempt to become ‘American’s ultimate blue-collar wine expert’. Packing his brother’s ashes into a mason jar, Dunn heads off on a quest to mend his broken heart and bid a dear and final farewell to his brother, all while saturating his senses with some of the most questionable vinos any man could wish to wrap his lips around. Dan Dunn will make your mom laugh until she cries, and then cry until she laughs again. She will also learn a surprising amount about grapes, vintages, Kurt Russell, and how not to do a good many things.

American Wino: A Tale of Reds, Whites and One Man’s Blues (Harper Collins). Priced at $16.99, available on Amazon and Harper Collins. Follow Dan @theimbiber.

Logan Hollowell You Are My Sunshine Pendant (reverse)

Wilderness Inspired Jewels by You Talent, Logan Hollowell
Twenty-six year-old Logan Hollowell hand-makes magical heirlooms for the modern Goddess inspired by her mother, sister and the wilderness she called her backyard, the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Logan’s bestseller is her Sunshine pendant, inspired by her mother and sister singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’ to her as a small child. The necklace is one of many beautifully crafted pieces that will last a lifetime. Starting at $675.00, the ‘You Are My Sunshine’ pendant necklace is available customized with your initials, the option of diamonds and is also available as a bracelet. Another favorite is Logan’s stunning Mama Inverted rainbow Topaz Trillion earrings, starting at $195.00. You can purchase online. Follow Logan @loganhollowelljewelry.




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