Lost Property, (1704 N Vine St., Hollywood, CA 90028; 323.987.4445) opened last night. This bar is decked out with brick, dark stained wood, dark brown tufted seating, and a gutted, graffitied piano that’s now a DJ booth.

They are serving a small cocktail menu divided into sections named Citrusy, Refreshing, Aromatic and Sweet. In Citrusy, you will find Lincoln’s Anecdote made with Evan Williams bonded bourbon, Laird’s apple brandy, Peychaud’s bitters, lemon, maple and spices; the Blue Egg Sour made with Mellow Corn Whiskey, Semper Fi Whiskey, Angostura bitters, lemon, egg white, and Atomized Violet; Cameron’s Kick made with Kilbeggan Irish, Monkey Shoulder Scotch, lemon, orgeat, and a lemon twist; Howard Hawks made with Old Overholt Rye, Stolen Coffee & Cigarettes rum, lemon, lime, egg whites, and Absinthe essence.

In the Refreshing section you will find River Bank made with Silver Lightning corn whiskey, Sarsparilla bitters, Sarsparilla soda, and an orange twist; and Maime Taylor made with Famous Grouse blended scotch, lime, ginger, seltzer, and candied ginger.

Aromatic include Vieux Carré made with Old Overholt rye, Park VS cognac, Angostura & Peychaud’s bitters, Benedictine,
Sweet vermouth, and an orange twist; Tipperary made with Powers Irish, Green Chartreuse, Sweet vermouth; and Widows Kiss made with Old Overholt rye, Laird’s unaged apple brandy, Yellow Chartreuse, Benedictine, Angostura bitters, lemon twist & a brandied cherry.

Lastly, in the Sweet, they have an Irish Coffee made with Kilbeggan Irish, coffee, and sweetened cream; Ivy made with maid Burnett’s Vodka, cucumber, mint, lime; the Perfect Daiquiri made with Denizen 3yr Rum, Flor de Cana 4yr, lime, sugar, and a lime wheel; and a Margarita made with El Charro Blanco Tequila, lime, agave, Curacao, and a lime twist.

Open Thursday-Saturday.

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