Drai’s Las Vegas

Clubs, in general, these days seem to pull out all the stops. Especially, Vegas clubs. When I walked into Drai’s Las Vegas, which lives on the 11th floor of the newly opened, Cromwell hotel, I found myself saying “wow” without even realizing it. This indoor/outdoor venue is absolutely beautiful, classy, sophisticated, and highlights world class DJs.

That night, Luke Shay was spinning and I became a new fan. Not only did he mix songs that were new and interesting, but he kept some elements of the music that were more well known, so the audience was continuously interested. Plus, the visuals and LED lighting were so on point and in sync with his music, it was more of a show.

It may take some patience to get a drink, but what club doesn’t have a busy bar? Once you do, you can make your way to the dance floor, or head out to the pools and dance in the hot air. It was literally a breath of fresh air to have that option. I love how it wasn’t over crowded and you were able to have a whole different perspective of the dance floor.

Overall, Drai’s is a must, when headed to Vegas. Next up, the pool party!




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