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I was introduced to INNOVATIVE SKINCARE® a few months ago and after using it for a few days, my skin was smoother, firmer, and in better condition than it has been in years. I receive a lot of products, but this product worked faster than anything I have ever experienced.

INNOVATIVE SKINCARE® is a revolutionary cosmeceutical company designed for todays world. This company is uniquely scientific and they have assembled a team of world-renowned pharmacologists and physicians, who are responsible for some of the greatest advances in the fields of skincare and anti-aging medicine.

In addition to the skincare line I was using at home, I received a Brightening Facial at exhale spa, where they use iS CLINICAL by INNOVATIVE SKINCARE®. Not only, did I leave with my face smooth and refreshed, but the whole experience was so relaxing, I almost fell asleep. I have never been that relaxed during a facial.

Overall, they deliver dramatic improvements in my skin’s quality. Because of INNOVATIVE SKINCARE® my skin looks younger, healthier, and more radiant. I highly recommend jumping into using this line on a daily basis and treat yourself to a relaxing Brightening Facial at exhale spa.




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