Yoga Tune Up®

Taking care of your muscles and joints is just as important as diet and exercise. Jill Miller is a yoga and fitness therapy expert with more than 26 years of expertise. After many years of movement studies, her tissues were missing some much needed tlc. Her self healing Yoga Tune Up® came about to fulfill the need to activate areas of her body that were not fully “participating” in movement. Jill Miller link fitness, yoga, massage, and pain management.

Yoga Tune Up®is a health and fitness system combining Yoga, Corrective Exercise and Self-Massage so that they heal damaged muscle tissue, increase strength, and empowers the immune system. Its techniques create balance and flexibility in the body, while relieving painful injuries, improving coordination, and reducing stress.

I work out every day, which has lead to lower back and hip pain. I usually use a foam roller and it feels good, but it wasn’t until I received the Yoga Tune Up® balls and dvd that I was able to get into my muscles as deep as my masseuse. Jill’s dvds gives you the tools and exercises to use the Yoga Tune Up® balls to get you the best results. Before you jump into the exercises, she also explains how your body works and why Yoga Tune Up® is any person’s new feel good exercise. Yoga Tune Up® is a staple in my household now. I use it on a daily bases.



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