Paleta Cleanse


I recently had the pleasure of doing the Paleta Cleanse. I cannot emphasize enough how great this food service is. They not only cater to anyone’s dietary needs, but they deliver on time in the most organized system I have ever seen. Being the designer I am, I adored the color scheme and how everything was thought of down to the last detail (including the orange flower). I also had to change some things on my order at the last minute and they were helpful, friendly and got it all correct!

I chose to go for the most difficult cleanse and did the vegan one. It was delicious. I never felt hungry or deprived and the meals were so good. By the end of my 5 days I felt detoxified, lighter and full of energy. Afterwards, it stuck with me. It was a jumpstart to getting back on track after over eating during the holidays. Since I finished my Paleta Cleanse, I have not had dairy in a month and I have continued my clean eating. I feel energized and healthy. I love it.

If you need to get back on track, lose a few pounds or are just too busy to cook, but still want to eat healthy delicious foods, get the Paleta Cleanse or their gourmet food delivery service. You won’t be disappointed.

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