Dixie Canyon


Runyon is the go to hike for most Angelinos, and yes it’s great. Let’s change it up people! Time for this beautiful hidden hike in Sherman Oaks. The 20 acres of land is tucked away at the end of Dixie Canyon Blvd. Here are the deets: park on Dixie Canyon, close to Ventura Blvd., to add a lil more distance to your hike. (come on you can handle the challenge). Keep in mind, because of the recent rain, the trail may be muddy, but it also means lush greenery! As for the route, expect stairs leading to a dirt path to a red bridge. Instead of crossing the bridge to the left, go right and zig-zag along the wooded path for about a quarter-mile. Eventually, you’ll come back around and cross the bridge from the other side.

Total mileage: 2

Map & Directions

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