New Bar Alert!


Here are three new bars that have popped up!

My Bar
2424 Main St., Santa Monica, 90405

Basement Tavern
LA’s retro cocktail craze finally reaches Main Street in Santa Monica the Basement Tavern. Hidden beneath The Victorian wedding venue, this cool, cave-like room is full of taxidermied heads, chalkboard walls, oversized chairs and candle chandeliers. Bourbon’s big down here along with Italian snacks from La Vecchia Cuchina. How to find it: Swing around the back parking lot of the Victorian and go past trash bins, alongside a loading dock, and then down a flight of stairs by an open kitchen. 2640 Main St., 310.392.4956

The Falls
The Falls is a new ultra-casual Downtown bar. The interior is decorated in rustic-looking log-cabin walls, tree trunk tables, and behind-the-bar sculpture installation featuring videos of waterfalls inside what appear to be ice cubes. 12 different standard beers are a staple, as well as a fresh-ingredient cocktail list. 626 S Spring St #A; Downtown; 213.612.0072

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