Santa Monica Brunch



The Fifth Element at Hollywood Cemetery The Fifth Element depicts 23rd-century New York on the brink of cosmic destruction. It’s up to cab driver, Korben Dallas, (Bruce Willis) to protect Leeloo (Milla Jovovich), the human incarnate of the Fifth Element, with the potential to save or destroy humanity. Gary Oldham stars as the villain Zorg, with Chris Tucker as the dandy futurist Ruby Rhod.The Fifth Element is a unique sci-fi pop masterpiece. Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film with a...


Los Angeles Times‘ 22nd Annual Festival of Books The nation’s largest literary festival is headed to the University of Southern California. The event will feature more than 500 authors, celebrities, musicians, artists and chefs. On Friday, April 21, the 37th annual Book Prizes will honor reading and educational activist Ruebén Martinez with the Innovator’s Award, novelist Thomas McGuane with the Robert Kirsch Award for lifetime achievement, and 11 outstanding literary works published during the last year. Authors and celebrities scheduled to appear at the festival...