Brew Dr. Kombucha


With health benefits like aiding digestion and gut health, kombucha is my saving grace when it comes to my stomach (which tends to be a little iffy). Kombucha is fermented with living bacteria and yeast, so that this probiotic beverage also fights candida (harmful yeast) overgrowth, brings on mental clarity, and mood stability. With no additives and being 100% natural, Brew Dr. Kombucha is produced from leaf to bottle with recipes of tea, dried herbs, roots and fruits. After two weeks the probiotic fermentation process leaves a perfect balance of sweet and sour, that is 100% created by using only whole, organic ingredients.


Although Brew Dr. Kombucha may have a healthy impact on your gut, they have as little impact on our natural environment as possible and practice sustainability at all times. They power their delivery fleet with fuel made locally and sustainably by SeQuential Biofuels; use renewable power at their teahouses and kombucha brewery; compost all compostable byproducts; and they use non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products. So, as you feel god from drinking Brew Dr. Kombucha, you know you are doing good too.

They have a large number of flavors that they produce including Citrus Hops; Clear Mind (a botanical flavor with rosemary and sage, that are known for their ability to assist in mental clarity and focus); Just Ginger; Lemon, Ginger, Cayenne; Love (jasmine and lavender create a refreshingly floral brew); Nutritonic (loaded with organic herbs from Townshend’s Apothecary line of herbal tea blends); Superberry; White Rose; and, my favorite, Spiced Apple. Whichever flavor you lean towards, you will be filling up your body with health benefits, natural ingredients, and pure love that goes into making each bottle of Brew Dr. Komucha.

By Whitney

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