Cold & Thirsty


Cold & Thirsty is unlike any  juice bar that you will find in Los Angeles. In addition to nourishing yourself with cold pressed juice and mylks, you can also do cryotherapy. This health focused shop turns into a two in one spot. Brooke Rewa and Katie Kaufmann co-founded Cold & Thirsty in 2015 with a shared passion for healthy lifestyles and improving your health from the inside out.

Brooke is behind the Renew Juicery and Mylk, where you will find 100% organic juice and mylks that are not overly sweet and truly celebrate the ingredients in each bottle. The juices are each made to improve you and your body. Whether you are in need of something detoxifying, something to make your skin glow, or a juice for a healthy heart, they have them all and you can really taste all the levels of ingredients in each juice.


Katie is behind the positive effects of cryotherapy. She first tried it to get rid of her chronic neck pain and was hooked. Step into their whole body cryosauna with temperatures as low as -240 degrees Fahrenheit, which stimulates your nervous system to a “fight or flight” response. Benefits include decreasing inflammation, muscle pain and soreness which helps with quick recovery and overall healing. Cryotherapy is also used for burning calories, beauty and anti- aging by increasing the metabolism, stimulating collagen production and tightening skin. After a series of intensely cold sessions, clients experience smoother and more toned skin.

I did the cryotherapy for two minutes and it is not easy being naked and that cold! But, boy was it invigorating! Make sure you have one of their superfood lattes waiting for you when you get out. I was wondering how it made you burn calories, which Katie explained that since your body temperature is dropping so low, your body works to warm itself up which burns calories. It definitely took me a bit to warm up afterward, but it was energizing and a very cool (no pun intended) experience.

With the combo of juices, mylks and the cryotherapy, Cold & Thirsty is you one stop, health shop. Whether you want to grab a juice to go, start a cleanse (you get to eat Kippy’s Ice Cream), or order up a cryo package, you are one step closer to a healthier version of you!

By Whitney

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