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In a city where fake is more apparent than real, you can find a skincare place that is anything but fake. Welcome to Corrective Skincare. I first fell upon Corrective Skincare when I was writing for CBS about the best skincare in Los Angeles and visited their location in Encino. Now, Jennifer Kramer, M.E., founder, has a location within Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica (whoo hoo, super close to me).

Corrective Skincare is the place to go for skincare that is between a relaxing facial and a dermatologist. I haven’t been to any other place in Los Angeles like it. Plus Jen is open, friendly, kind, and non-judgemental (which is huge for people with skin insecurities). It was, honestly, like meeting a long lost sister. As a teenager, Jen struggled with acne and tried numerous treatments and products over the years, so she understands people and their insecurities with their problem skin. Nothing she tried worked, until her first year at Santa Barbara City College. She finally found help at The Acne Clinic of Santa Barbara — and began working there while she earned her Liberal Arts degree.

Jen then moved to Los Angeles, where she devoted the first three years to specializing in the treatment of acne, scarring, and discoloration in all skin types, with clients of all ethnic backgrounds. She refined her skills by completing a highly-coveted apprenticeship with James E. Fulton, Jr. M.D., Ph.D – founder of “The Institute of Skin Research” and co-inventor of Vitamin A Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide.

Jen founded Corrective Skincare in 1996 and has dedicated her life to increase “Confidence Through Clarity.” With more than 22 years experience, and a past of struggling with acne, herself, Jen knows her stuff. She is patient, explains her procedures, and explains what to do at home for your skin type. If you are in need of help with your skin, or simple just want your skin clear and clean, Corrective Skincare is the perfect place to go.

By Whitney

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