DSTLD pronounced dis’tild, strips away the excess and impurities to present a luxury-grade premium denim without the retail markup. DSTLD is more than just a name, it’s a viewpoint. They keep thing simple with their clean, refined aesthetic and their streamlined business mode.


They are shaking things up and hope to guide a generation toward an appreciation of fewer, better things. They believe it’s time to devoted our time, energy, and money – on experiences, not stuff. I can get behind this mentality. Plus, with denim that is such great quality, it’s difficult to find something you can’t agree with.

I got the mid rise roll-up shorts in summer vintage indigo and I love that the shorts literally go with everything. I can dress them up with a top and heels, or wear them casually with flip flops and a T-shirt. They are perfect rolled up (but they also roll down and can be worn as cut offs). Anyway you wear them, DSTLD is high quality, fashionable denim with an amazing message behind it that makes your proud to wear on a daily basis.

By Whitney

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