Daily Dose


Daily Dose (1820 Industrial Ave., #104, Los Angeles, CA 90021) is a hidden little alley way cafe that should be your destination for a sunny afternoon bite, coffee, or juice. It’s the perfect spot to catch up with a friend at one of their rustic, wooden, quiet tables, read a book, or get some work done on your laptop. With a philosophy to bring you honest food, even from their own front yard and ranch when possible, they’re dedicated to using and serving only the freshest and unprocessed produce available.


With a focus on sandwiches, you can order up deliciousness like the T-Fresh (Heirloom tomatoes, burrata, balsamic vinegar & olive oil); The Butcher (Fra’mani sopressata (salami), toma cheese, house pickles, sauce verte & mustard on a baguette); The Tailor (Fra’mani rosemary roasted ham, fiscalini cheddar, house pickles, sauce verte & mustard on a baguette); Jive Turkey (Fra’mani turkey galantine, mustard, pepato, tomato, sprouts, & ancho chili jam on ciabbata);  Mike the Mechanic (Mortadella, caramelized onions, toma cheese, tomato, lemon & sauce verte on toasted rye); The Guildsmith (pan-fried akawi cheese, avocado, tomato, serranos, feta, arugula, & sauce verte on a ciabatta0 ; and The Farmer (roasted squash, heirloom potatoes, avocado, heirloom tomatoes, house veggie patty, buratta, pesto & ancho chili jam on olive bread). Each sandwich is stacked high with protein, cheese and fresh veggies.

They also have salads and are open bright and early with breakfasts like The Costanza (fruit bowl with raw honey); The Par Me (bowl of house-made granola (dried fruits, nuts, honey, palm sugar, ginger, and citrus rind) and yogurt); The Margot (breakfast sandwich with 2 eggs scrambled, feta cheese, chives, serrano & avocado on toast); The Sunny Side (3 fried eggs in olive oil, served with arugula salad, root veggies in a sauce tomate, on a baguette with butter & jam); The Ballerina (duck egg fried in olive oil & thyme on ciabatta with butter & apricot jam & a slice of toma cheese with arugula salad0; the Mona Lisa (3 egg omelet with sautéed spinach/re-hydrated wild dry mushrooms, garlic, Brie, served with arugula salad, root veggies in a sauce tomate, & baguette with butter & jam).

They also have every type of espresso drink you can think of, teas, baked goods, and juices to finish your meal or start your day.

By Whitney

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