Potato Chips Deli Reopens


Hoagies, subs, grinders, sandwiches…what ever you call them have been replaced with kale salads, gluten-free pizzas, and whole-grain bowls. That’s about to change.

Thankfully, Steven Arroyo (Escuela Taqueria) has come to the rescue and reopened his beloved sandwich shop, Potato Chips Deli (308 North Stanley Ave., West Hollywood; 323.939.8226). Living in the old Escuela space with newly whitewashed walls and maritime-themed paintings, the restaurant serves creations like eggplant Parm, meatball sub, and roasted turkey grinder smothered in herb aioli.

The potato chip selection is large (Utz Red Hots, Zapp’s Cajun Dill), and if you’re a carb fiends, you’ll flip over the crusty ciabatta loaves made fresh daily by a local bakery (it’s a secret).


By Whitney

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