Aburiya Toranoko


Aburiya Toranoko, (243 S. San Pedro St., Los Angeles; 213.621.9500) opens Wednesday right next to the Lazy Ox Canteen 9same owners). The menu is exotic, so you may want to start off with some drinks. You can try their varieties of hot, cold and sparkling sakes, plum wine, red/white wine, Japanese beer, and cocktails like the shiso leaf-infused vodka martini, the Kyoho Grapes (white-grape vodka, mint and grape sorbet), or a Maker’s Mark BBQ (bourbon, sweet vermouth, Aperol and barbecue sauce). Once you downed those, move to the menu that is separated into: vegetables, seafood, beef/pork/poultry, sumiyaki, oden, rice/noodle/soup, sushi/rolls. Order up the house made shiokara marinated intestines ($6), beef tongue in marinated miso ($8), or play it safe with a standard roll, miso soup with clams ($5), or one of the many veggie dishes.

By Whitney

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